How To Make A Smart Career Transition

For many people, a change of career can be a scary and uncertain time, there are a number of strategies you can employ to ensure that your experience is a successful one

TRANSITION: Willingness to transition from life as it is, to life as you want it to be

A TRANSITION is a pivotal period of growth and development that is sparked by a change in some aspect of your life. That change is usually a major opportunity, even if it does not appear that way at first.

You can’t escape change. It is a constant in your life. GetHired’s Director, Rob Gallacher says “The average young person today is likely change jobs as many as 15 times, 11 of which are accomplished by the time the person is 44”.

Whether you are proactively considering something new or have been forced into a job change, it is how you successfully make the transition that is the key to your success.

However it’s important to understand that change and transition are two different things.

Change, is what is occurring externally with respect to life circumstances – the new job responsibilities, the new baby, or the new doctor-mandated exercise routine.

Transition, however, is the “psychological process” that you go through as you process the outward changes. Transition in this context can be defined as the inner reorientation and self-redefinition that you have to go through in order to incorporate any of those changes into your life.

To be successful in coping with and adjusting to change, you need to mentally shift how you view the change in order to transition to your new reality.

If your sense of self is inextricably woven with your work identity, a career transition is a frightening prospect. Yet people stay stuck in inertia, putting up with unsatisfying and unfulfilling lives, not understanding that the life they dream of is well within their grasp.

By being willing to transition from life as it is to life-as-you-want-it to be, you are opening up to new career and personal growth opportunities.

GetHired provide executives and professionals who are caught in career transition a map to help them navigate through the process deliberately, with awareness and with purpose.

If you look upon the transition as a time to reset your priorities, realign with your passions, interests and values and to re-establish work-life balance, you’ll welcome this crucial turning point in your life.

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