Choosing an Outplacement Provider – Here’s what to look for

Key points to consider in choosing an Outplacement Provider

  • As a organisation or HR Manager, it is important that you understand the different services an Outplacement provider should offer to your organisation in the outplacement process to be able to meet your employee’s needs and compete in today’s HR Technology marketplace. While many outplacement providers offer additional services, features and benefits in the outplacement process, the key points below about the outplacement process should serve as a baseline when making your  decision.


Engagement: Does the outplacement provider proactively engage your employees both initially and ongoing and how? Is their overall outplacement process intuitive? Is it easy for an employee to understand the services they are reciving? Are there guides to help participants through the outplacement process? If the services aren’t simple to navigate and easy to understand, you are wasting your company’s money and your employees’ time.

Accessibility: Does the provider offer flexible hours throughout the outplacement process? Are they flexible to the needs of the employee, do they offer access to services in off hours, including nights and weekends?

Flexibility: Does the provider offer the flexibility to effectively meet your demand for the service through the entire outplacement process? Redundancy is tricky business and does not always run like clockwork. Is your provider adaptable and flexible to the needs of the business and meet the needs of your succession and workforce plan.

Personal and Personalised: Is there a human element to the service? Is the service personalised to each individual? Many providers spruik about virtual services, however losing the personal touch in a career transition program is almost never a good idea. Nothing can beat one on one personal services of a career coach working side by side with your employee.

Service- Focused: What is the provider’s service delivery model throughout the outplacement process? How much of their business is focused on outplacement? Are they a specialist or a Recruitment company offering Outplacement as a second or third tier service. What is the account management structure and the experience? How will they communicate with you? All of your HR Technology vendors should practice great services but it’s especially important when looking at outplacement providers. Service can make a difficult redundancy go a lot smoother. See our Redundancy assistance here

Strategic Partner: How will the provider support you more strategically during a period of redundancy’s. Finding an outplacement provider that can be a service partner and subject matter expert, as well as offering a product or platform for your transitioning employee, is a baseline need for your organisation. With all the discussion surrounding HR being an integrated and efficient function, it makes sense to look for a partner, rather than just a vendor.

Technology: How does the provider leverage technology to support their service and speed a person’s transition throughout the entire outplacement process? Are they using best in class practices such as gamification? Social media? Personalisation? How frequently do they enhance their technology? In today’s job seeker world, technology is critical for both speed and efficiency. A lack of focus and investment in the most advanced technology throughout the outplacement process will be a detriment to both your employee and the company.

Strategic Partnerships: What strategic partnerships has the outplacement provider established through out their outplacement process? Look for a vendor who has advantageous partnerships. Outplacement providers should be able to point to partnership opportunities that will benefit the job seeker.

Proof Points: What metrics can the outplacement provider supply? What are their clients saying? How do they measure success? When considering a provider, pay attention to proof that the services work throughout the entire outplacement process. While many outplacement providers have different ways of proving their system works, the very least you should find is one that can be verified.

Pricing: What is the pricing model? What services are included in the pricing? Look for a provider who is willing to understand your needs and able to work flexibly with you on creative solutions and pricing throughout the outplacement process.

All of the key points above should be considered by a provider when discussing their outplacement process. It is important to ask questions similar to those above to gain a solid understanding of what to expect in every step of the outplacement process. It is also important to ask about a provider’s ability to modify the outplacement process based on your organisation’s structure and/or strategy behind the letting go of employees.

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