What to do After Redundancy

Tips: What to do after Redundancy.

Being made redundant can come as a real blow.

Even if you know your company may be downsizing or making structural changes, it can often come as a shock that your role is one of the positions to be let go.

The question that follows is always the same – what now?

Here are some helpful tips for you.

 1. It can be hard, but leave on a good note.

Stress, worry and confusion at redundancy can often turn into bitterness, especially if you’re spending time with other colleagues whom have been made redundant as well. Try not to let the negativity creep in. Not only will it make you unhappy but the negativity can seep into your job interviews and your home life.

Leave on good terms with your employer, ask them for not just a phone reference, but also a written one. Ask them to outline your strengths and experience in this letter and to also write a recommendation on LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to suggest what your best attributes are to include! This will help you in your job search.

If you can, suggest Outplacement to your employer. Outplacement is where your employer pays a career coach to help you onto a new career path or into a role with job search or interview training, resume tips and other helpful information.

2. Take the weekend, then start again Monday.

Take the weekend to mull over what has happened, then on Monday make a plan. GetHired’s Director Rob Gallacher says “Redundancy can have a huge impact on our emotions, its important to take a moment to pause, reflect and then regroup”

Check your finances, understand where you stand (don’t be tempted to spend your redundancy pay!), look at what jobs are available (how many) and research what your salary target should be (be realistic!!).

Make a daily and weekly plan surrounding what activities you need to achieve.

3. Establish where you want to go. 

Do you want to go into the same type of role you have been doing, or do you want to transition to a new career? Do you want to start your own business? Redundancy has prompted many people to start their own business or dream career, so can you!

Research your different ideas and then add it into your plan of action.

4. Start looking for your next role now.

If you have money in the bank to see your mortgage through for 6 months, it can be tempting not to look for a new role straight away. However, you need to be careful. Think about the market you are in. Is a new job in your area hard to find?

I have seen too often people within FIFO Mining, Oil & Gas lose their properties not being able to secure a new role even after months of looking. So just in case, start looking the very first week after redundancy. If your employer asks you to work out your notice period, starting looking before you leave.

If you are lucky enough to secure a new role straight away, tell your new employer you need 2 weeks’ notice to start if you need a break. Then you can regroup & relax, stress free, knowing your finances & career are secure.

5. Use your networks!

Establish who your network is – colleagues, family, friends, neighbours, people in your community or sporting groups, then don’t be reluctant to reach out to them! People like to feel useful and want to help. Be sure to let them know your specific experience and what you are chasing.

 6. Get your Resume assessed by a professional.

Competition for roles is stiff out there. Get your Resume assessed to make sure it presents your experience and personal strengths in the best way possible.

Include your achievements in each role. Did you achieve budget and time restraints on projects, hit your sales targets out of the park, earn a promotion, lead a project successfully, save the company money? Think about how you contributed and not just what your job duties were.

7. Check your LinkedIn profile

96% of Recruiters use LinkedIn in their search for talent. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is professional, includes your most relevant roles and project experience, and has your up to date contact details.

Please, no over the top “selfies” as your picture. It’s a professional networking site, not Facebook.

8. Keep Positive 

You may ride a merry go of emotion throughout the redundancy process and even into a new role, but stay positive. Redundancy can be a way of starting yourself on a new, better and happier career path.

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