GetHired Australia Rebrands to Zenith Outplacement

A New Era Begins:

GetHired Australia, a renowned name in the career solutions sector, is embarking on a significant rebranding strategy.

Effective from Wednesday, November 8th, 2023, the company will operate under its new name, Zenith Outplacement, marking a strategic shift to emphasise its enhanced executive outplacement solutions.

This change symbolises more than just a new name; it represents the company’s evolution and its commitment to providing premium outplacement services tailored for executives and senior leaders. The rebranding aligns with the company’s mission to offer more specialised and high-level career transition support.

Rob Gallacher, the Director of Zenith Outplacement, formerly GetHired Australia, expressed his enthusiasm about the new direction:

“We are thrilled to announce our transition to Zenith Outplacement. This rebranding reflects our deepened focus on executive outplacement solutions and our dedication to facilitating seamless career transitions for professionals. Our commitment to excellence and tailored support remains our cornerstone as we step into this exciting new chapter.”

The new name, Zenith Outplacement, was chosen to mirror the company’s aspiration to be at the pinnacle of outplacement services, especially in the executive domain. It signifies a new horizon for the company, promising innovation, bespoke services, and a forward-thinking approach to career transitions.

For existing clients and business partners, this change is more than just cosmetic. It is an assurance of elevated service levels, a refined focus on executive needs, and a commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends in career management and outplacement strategies.

As Zenith Outplacement, the company aims to leverage its years of expertise and deep industry knowledge to set new benchmarks in the executive outplacement sector. The rebranding is a step towards a future where Zenith Outplacement becomes synonymous with excellence, innovation, and unrivaled support in the executive career transition journey.

For more information on Zenith Outplacement and its services, visit the new website at

Contact: Zenith Outplacement 1300 134 110