Job Search: Industries with the most job opportunities after COVID-19

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Job Search: Finding a job in Australia after Covid-19 restrictions lift

As the number of new Covid-19 cases continue to drop in Australia, and the focus turns to reopening from the shutdown. New figures have revealed the coronavirus pandemic has led to advertisements for new jobs to plunge 65 per cent compared with the same time last year, so where should you target your job search?

So, whilst now is not the ideal time to look for a new job, certain sectors in the market are projected to bounce back best from the coronavirus crisis and provide opportunities for job seekers.

According to latest analysis by IBISWorld, the industries that can expect to reopen within the next two months, include domestic aviation, hospitality, leisure, real estate, manufacturing and mining.

Kendra Banks, who runs SEEK in Australia and New Zealand, further confirmed the above findings. She said that even though job ads fell across all industries nationally, there will be an immediate demand for both skilled and non-skilled workers in several specific industries and roles post Covid-19,


Hospitality: Social distancing measures are expected to remain in place, however, limiting the number of patrons in an establishment at any time. This soft reopening will send the signal that public places can be frequented. Jobs to bounce back first are chefs, bartenders and waiters/waitresses, as cafes and restaurants prepare to re-hire again. Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has recently indicated the path to reopening pubs, meaning the hospitality industry is set for a reawakening as early as this month.

Manufacturing: With renewed investment and the new Federal Government manufacturing task force established to rebuild manufacturing in Australia. The sector will be critical for Australia to bounce back and spur jobs in this sector. A sentiment confirmed by Paul Bastian, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union national secretary.

Construction: Like manufacturing, the Federal and State governments recognise the key role played by the construction sector in underpinning a strong and sustainable economy and have vowed to continue to prioritise jobs and investment in the sector.

Mining and Resources: As mining workers have been classified as essential, they have been able to continue working but under strict health conditions. These standards have created a Covid surge for providers of support services like catering, cleaning and maintenance all in high demand to keep mine sites safe for workers in the coronavirus era. This surge is possibly one reason why the number of mining, resources and energy jobs advertised with Seek are higher than this time last year.

Healthcare: Nurses, aged care workers, general medical workers, psychologists, counsellors and social workers are among those who will continue to remain in demand.

Retail: With many people forced to stay indoors, online retail and subscription services and food delivery have soared, up more than 60 per cent and those critical to the supply chain, such as shelf stackers, delivery drivers, supply chain managers and warehouse supervisors are much needed.

Customer support: As many off-shore call centres have been made suddenly unavailable due to international coronavirus restrictions has seen a sudden surge in call centre operators, managers and customer support staff.


As Australia looks to a post Covid-19 outlook, we know the work landscape will be very different. Job searching may mean jobseekers need to retrain, upskill and look to other industries for job opportunities.
For those looking to change industries, GetHired Australia Director Rob Gallacher says “firstly, determine your transferable skills and what industries or jobs they may suit. Then tailor your resume and cover letter for each position your apply for”

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